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Servicing Plans

Having your car serviced on a regular basis is highly recommended and it is an excellent way to ensure you get the best return from your vehicle. The recommendation is that your car should be serviced every 6,000 miles or every six months. This may seem like a regular period of time but don't forget how important your car is to you. There is no doubt that buying a used car should be seen as a major investment and it is only right that you do what you can to ensure it is well looked after and gives you many years of great service. Sometimes cars will break down without you doing anything wrong but on the whole, if you look after your car, it will look after you without for a considerable time period.

We appreciate that buying a car can be a costly time in your life and the thought of spending more money can be restricting for many people. This is where Brooklands Motor Centres try to make a difference and we offer a range of options when it comes to finding the right service plan for you. We provide service plans that can be paid up over a year, helping you to spread the cost of keeping your car in top form.

You can be confident in the price you pay

If the cost of the service packages rises throughout the year, you don't have to worry about that as your price is guaranteed. When you agree a service package with us, the price you agree is the price you pay, regardless of what changes throughout the year. This should bring a great degree of confidence to our customers, helping them to plan ahead with confidence.

Another thing that will help our customers to plan ahead with confidence is the fact that we have a team of highly trained technicians working on their vehicles. We know that owning a car is integral to the everyday lives of our customers and that they want their cars returned back to them as quickly as possible. Due to our great level of experience in this field, we are able to carry out service work quickly and efficiently, which means that we will be able to return your car back to you in a timely fashion.

If our team of technicians find anything wrong with your car, there is a good chance that we will repair the problem there and then. Many of the issues our team finds are minor ones but if left untreated, these problems can become major ones, costing a lot of time and money to resolve. Prevention is seen as the best form of a cure and we will do our best to minimise any issues that we see when carrying out a service on your vehicle. With the cost of parts and labour rising all the time, the fact that we aim to provide this service at no further cost provides a huge incentive to take out the service package plan.

We know that there are many used car dealers in Leeds but we believe our commitment to looking after you at all times is a major one. If you want the best car service in Leeds, come to Brooklands Motor Centres.



If you don't have warranty cover for your used car, you could be facing a huge bill if something goes wrong with it. Modern cars are built to a far higher standard than cars from previous eras but there are still things that can go wrong. There are many small parts and components involved with putting a modern car together and all it takes is one minor part of go wrong to give you a major problem. If you have warranty cover, any technical or mechanical fault will be repaired at no additional charge to you. Given the cost of parts and labour these days, this is definitely something that can be of huge benefit to you.

At Brooklands Motor Centres, we aim to ensure you look after your car and get the best possible level of service. We know that we are regarded as one of the major used car dealers in Leeds but we offer more than just used cars. We like to think that we can offer peace of mind and reassurance for all of our customers and our great range of warranty cover packages will hopefully help people to enjoy their car for as long as possible. We are very happy to see you driving off with a used car but we want to ensure that you get a lot of enjoyment and excitement from that car for many years to come.

Spread the cost of your cover

We know that buying a used car is an investment and it can be fairly expensive. However, failing to take out a warranty package can cost you a great deal of money in the long-term. This is why we like to promote the savings benefits that can come from choosing a warranty package from us. We offer a range of warranty packages and there is flexibility in the ways that you can pay. You can pay up front for the package but there is also the option to pay for the package over the course of the year. We know that spreading the cost of the warranty package may be a key factor in being able to justify this package and if that is the case, come and speak to us.

We can also provide a great deal of comfort and assurance with our warranty package thanks to our team of highly trained mechanics. Our team have a great level of experience when it comes to repairing cars so your vehicle will be in safe hands. We know how important your car is to you and how you need to get it back as quickly as possible. Our team will work as efficiently as possible to ensure you are not without your car for too long.

Our team also endeavour to use manufacturer approved parts when carrying out any repair work that you have. This should ensure that you have further peace of mind when it comes to getting your car back in great condition. At Brooklands Motor Centres, we work hard to look after you and your car, which is why we are one of the best used car dealers in Leeds.